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  • When the ride feels exhilarating and easy-going all at the same time, you know you’ve hit the e-scootering sweet spot. Here are our top tips on how to ace electric scooter riding.

    How to stand

    Having the right stance will help with balance and stability when you turn, speed up, slow down, or encounter rough terrain. Place on foot at front of the scooter deck with the toes pointing straight forward and put the other foot behind it--turned outwards at about a 70- to 90-degree angle.


    How to get started

    Jetson electric scooters have as their accelerator mechanism either a thumb throttle, which you push down with your right thumb, or a twist throttle, which you rotate with your right hand. To avoid a sudden burst of speed, always apply gradual and gentle pressure to the throttle.

    Here’s the scoop on which Jetson models have which kind of accelerator:

    • Twist throttle – Globe and Tempo
    • Thumb throttle – Bio, Canyon, Echo, Element, Element Pro, Eris, Glow, Highlight, Knight, Omega, Ora Pro, Quest, Racer, and the Disney Buzz, Frozen II, Frozen II Folding, and Toy Story 4 e-scooters

    Engaging the accelerator is enough to get started on most of our e-scooters, with the exception of these, which require some manual motion-activation to start. What that means: Before engaging the accelerator, you have to propel the scooter forward by making a few consecutive pushes off the ground first—similar to how you'd ride a kick scooter.

    These are some of the Jetson e-scooter models that require a motion-activated start:

    • 1 – 3 foot kicks - Canyon, Eris, and Knight
    • 5 - 8 foot kicks - Bio, Echo, Quest, and Tempo

    Important: Always raise the kickstand before starting your ride.

    How to move

    Functionality is the same for both the thumb throttle and the twist throttle: the more you engage it, the more the motor will kick in.

    To maintain speed when traveling on long, flat stretches, hold the accelerator at a steady position.

    If your scooter has multiple speed modes and/or cruise control, make use of them to maximize the riding experience.

    To turn, rotate the handle left or right—and the scooter will veer accordingly. The larger the rotation, the sharper the turn. Be sure to adjust your body weight to maintain balance while turning.

    How to brake

    To decelerate gently, you can just ease up on the accelerator. But for a quicker slow-down or stop, use the brake(s).

    Jetson e-scooters have three types of brakes: handbrakes and e-brakes, which are located on the left side of the handlebar, and foot brakes, which are located above the rear wheel as part of the wheel fender. For all types, engage the brake gently to slow down and apply more pressure to come to a complete stop.

    Here’s a breakdown of which brakes are on which Jetson e-scooters:

    • Handbrake only - Canyon, Eris, Globe, Knight, and Quest
    • E-brake only - Disney Frozen II Folding and Ora Pro
    • Only a rear foot brake - Echo, Tempo, and the Disney Buzz, Frozen II, and Toy Story 4 scooters
    • Both a handbrake and a rear foot brake - Racer
    • Both an e-brake and a rear foot brake - Bio, Element, Element Pro, Glow, Highline, and Omega

    To use a handbrake, squeeze the lever with the top four fingers or your hand.

    To use an e-brake, push down on it with your left thumb.

    To use a footbrake, raise the back foot off the deck and use it to apply downward pressure on the brake. Important: If your e-scooter does not have a dedicated rear foot brake, do not press down on the rear fender or you risk breaking the fender.

    For more e-scooter know-how, check out our other support articles, which include tips on where to ride, how to charge your scooter correctly, how to fold your e-scooter for storage and transport, and what an error code on your scooter's LCD display might mean.

  • Once they catch on to the joy of scootering, kids want to bring their scooters anywhere and everywhere. That’s why we make so many of our kick scooters foldable: So they can easily be stashed into school cubbies, carried onto subway trains, and packed into the truck of a car alongside suitcases and souvenirs.

    Read on for more info on which Jetson kick scooters can be folded—and how to do it.

    Category A: “Collar” folding mechanisms

    The following Jetson kick-scooter have collars wrapped around the base of the handlebar stem. Depending on the model, that collar needs to either be pushed upward on the stem of the scooter or pushed downward in order to “unlock” the folding mechanism. These Jetsons have collar folding mechanisms:

    • Jupiter Mini and the Disney Cars, Grogu, and Princess scooters – Scooter is marked with an arrow indicating if the collar mechanism needs to be moved up or down.
    • Twin – Pull the collar up.
    • Spot –First, lift the seat up so that it folds into the handlebar stem. Then spin the seat around the stem so that it’s on the front of the scooter. Then continue the folding process as detailed above, pulling the collar upwards to get started.

    To fold: “Unlock” the folding mechanism by raising/lowering the collar, then use the other hand to gently lower the handlebar down towards the rear of the scooter deck. Release the collar and bring the handlebar down fully, until it “clicks” into the folded position.

    To unfold: Raise or lower the collar on the handlebar stem, then gently lift the handlebars away from the deck and into riding position until it “clicks” into place.

    Category B: Button-controlled folding

    The Saturn has a button on the underside of the deck, just below the handlebar stem.

    To fold: While pushing the button, begin to lower the handlebar down towards the rear of the scooter deck. Release the button and continue lowering until the scooter “locks” into the folded position.

    To unfold: Press the button and raise the handlebar back into riding position until it “clicks” into place.

    Category C: Release levers

    These scooters have folding release levers at the base of the handlebar stem—just above the deck. The lever is locked into place (for safety while riding) with a latch and loosening knob.

    • Frozen 2
    • Helio X
    • Helix (does it click into folded?)
    • Hex (Same for all)
    • Juno
    • Jupiter and Jupiter Jumbo
    • Leo
    • Mars
    • Orbit
    • Spiderman
    • Triton (Note: On this model, the release lever is located on the front side of the stem.)

    To fold: Open the side latch and twist the knob to loosen. Pull up on the release lever and gently lower the handlebar down towards the deck until the handlebar “clicks” into the folded position.

    To unfold: With the latch already unlocked and the knob loosened, pull up on the release lever and gently raise the handlebar upwards and into riding position until it “clicks” into place. Tighten the knob and close the latch. (Important: Do not overtighten the knob. Overtightening the knob can restrict the latch from opening and closing easily.)

    Category D: Removable stems

    Some models cannot fold, but they do have stems that can be removed to make them easier to store. To remove the stem, press the stem release button and simultaneously lift the stem out of the scooter base. Here are the Jetsons with removable stems and the location of each one’s stem release button.

    • Gleam– Front side of the scooter at the base of the stem
    • Lumi – On the stem above the deck
    • Mist – On the underside of the deck at the base of the stem
  • Why ride a Jetson JetKart? One good reason: These things are seriously fun.

    After you get yours properly set up and familiarize yourself with functionality, let us teach you the art of JetKart-ing. This is a lesson you’ll definitely want to pay attention to.


    Getting on

    1. Make sure the hoverboard is powered off before you try to climb onto the kart—otherwise the pressure you put on the hoverboard while settling in will send your JetKart flying.
    2. Carefully take a seat and place your feet on the footrest—one foot on each side of the frame.
    3. Check that the hoverboard is level. If necessary, reach back and rotate the hoverboard footpads so that they are both aligned and parallel to the ground.
    4. Take note of the handle height: This is your JetKart in a “neutral” position, which is a good reference point to have.
    5. If riding the Condor: Buckle and adjust the seatbelt so that it is secure over your lap.
    6. Reach down and power on your hoverboard.
    7. If riding the Alpha L. or Force: Quick-press the hoverboard power button after it is turned on to change your JetKart’s lighting mode to one that feels right for the ride. For the Force: Double-press the hoverboard power button to set your kart’s lights in motion-activation mode.
    8. Make moves. (Keep reading!)

    Making moves

    On the Alpha L., Force, Impulse, JetKart, and JetKart 2.0:

    • To go forward, simultaneously and evenly push down on both handles. The more you push down, the faster you will go.
    • To go backwards, simultaneously and evenly pull up on both handles. The more you pull up the handles, the faster you will go.
    • To turn right, push down on the left handle while pulling up on the right handle.
    • To turn left, push down on the right handle while pulling up on the left handle.
    • To slow down, gradually return the handles to the neutral position.
    • To stop, pull up on the handles briefly and then return them to the neutral position, taking care not to push them down, which will exert forward movement.

    On the Condor:

    • To go forward, push down on the accelerator pedal with your right foot.
    • To boost speed, push down on the handle while moving forward.
    • To go backwards, pull the handle upwards. Hold it up while you ride in reverse. Release it to the neutral position when you would like to switch back to forward movement.
    • To turn, rotate the steering wheel left or right.
    • To slow down or stop, push down on the brake pedal with your left foot.

    Important: Always power off the hoverboard before unbuckling and getting off a JetKart.

    How to hoverboard

    If you’ve got a JetKart or one of our combo units, that also means you’ve got a hoverboard, too. (Cool, right?) Check out these tips on how and where to take your hoverboard for a spin all on its own.

    While we’re at it, these articles are helpful for hoverboard ownership, too:

  • You’ll pique everyone’s attention when you zip around on your Jetson JetKart. The ride is swiftest and most worthy of showing off when the kart is perfectly positioned on the hoverboard.


    Understanding how it works

    To understand proper positioning, it helps to understand how the kart and the board function together. The footpads on the hoverboard have sensors underneath them that sense shifts in pressure and effect movement of the hoverboard accordingly. When you’re standing on the hoverboard and riding it all on its own, those changes in pressure come from your feet—but when the hoverboard is connected to JetKart, those changes come from movements of the brackets at the bottom of the JetKart handles. Pushing or pulling the handles changes the pressure on the footpads—and, propelled by the hoverboard, your kart takes off.

    With that in mind, always pair your kart with the right hoverboard: Our JetKart and JetKart 2.0 have adjustable brackets that make them compatible with all Jetson hoverboards. However, our combo units come with a kart and board that were specifically made to match—so if you’ve got the Jetson Alpha, Condor, Force, or Impulse, always use the included hoverboard.


    Attaching your kart to the board

    Here’s how to get the kart’s handle brackets properly positioned on the hoverboard sensors:

    1. Prep your hoverboard. Make sure your hoverboard is fully charged and properly calibrated. Then, power it off.

    2. Position the kart on the hoverboard. You will want your hoverboard’s power button to be easily accessible once it’s underneath the kart, so make sure that the side with that button will be facing outwards from the back of the kart.

      Then, lift the back/seat section of the kart frame onto the hoverboard and rest it on the hoverboard so that each bracket at the base of the kart handles is resting on one hoverboard footpad.

    3. For JetKart and JetKart 2.0 only: If necessary, re-size kart brackets to fit the hoverboard. According to the instructions in your model’s user manual, loosen the hardware on top of each bracket.

      Then, condense or extend the brackets as necessary to fit the width of the hoverboard, so that the front and back the brackets are hugging the front and back edges of the hoverboard.

      Retighten the hardware on the top of the bracket to secure it.

    4. Strap the kart onto the hoverboard.

      With the brackets resting on the hoverboard, feed a Velcro strap through the front slot on each bracket. Fold the ends of each strap over the slot and “lock” the strap using the Velcro fastening.

      Wrap the straps under the hoverboard and feed them through the slots in the back of each JetKart bracket.

      Pull both straps tight, fold the end of the strap down, and “lock” the strap using the Velcro fastening.

      Check that the kart is secured on the hoverboard.

    5. For Alpha and Force only: Connect the kart to the hoverboard’s battery.

      Because the karts that are part of our Jetson Alpha and Jetson Force combo units have (awesome) light-up features, they require an electrical connection to be made with the hoverboard so that the lights can draw power from the hoverboard’s battery.

      To connect the kart to the power source, plug the cord coming from the rear of the JetKart seat into the charging port of the hoverboard.

    6. Helmet on. Power on. Ride on!
  • Young riders never stop going—and many never seem to stop growing. Make sure they’re always scooting safely by riding with their handlebar at a height that allows them to get a good grip.

    A position that’s suitable—and scoot-able—is one in which the handlebar falls somewhere between their waistline and chin when they are standing on the scooter deck. Then, it’s all about preference: Within that range, any handlebar height that allows the rider to feel comfortable and in control is the best one for getting around.

    With the exception of the Flex, all Jetson kick scooters have a handlebar that’s adjustable in height. To change heights, follow these steps:


    Step one: Unlock the fastener

    Adjustable Jetson kick scooters have a fastener at the adjustment point that locks and secures the handlebar in place. In order to free up the handlebar for adjustment, that fastener needs to be unlocked, or opened. Depending on the model, that fastener will be one of two types:

    1. A stem clamp

      This kind of clamp is a metal ring around the handlebar stem at the adjustment point; it has both a lever and knob.

      To loosen the clamp’s hold on the handlebar stem, pull the lever away from the stem and into the “open”/“unlocked” position. If necessary, rotate the knob to widen the clamp opening more.

      Jetson kick scooters with a stem clamp:

      Disney Cars, Grogu, and Princess
      Jupiter, Jupiter Jumbo, and Jupiter Mini

    2. A twist lock

      This kind of lock has a plastic collar around the handlebar stem at the adjustment point.

      To “open”/”unlock” the collar, twist the collar counter-clockwise.

      Jetson kick scooters with a twist lock include the:



    Step two: Change the handlebar height

    Next, locate the stem pin—a small button-like mechanism that “pops” into place—and the stem-pin holes, each of which designates a handlebar height option. (Note for owners of the Spot: To access the pin, raise the tube at the base of the handlebar stem.)

    To move the pin to a new hole and set the handlebar at a new height, push the pin in and simultaneously raise or lower the handlebar. Continue until the pin “pops” out of a different hole.


    Step three: Lock the fastener

    To secure the handlebar in at its new position, you’ll need to lock the fastener.

    1. Stem clamp models - Close the lever and, if necessary, twist the knob to tighten the clamp further. (Be careful not to over-do it! Twisting the knob too tight can prevent the lever from opening and closing easily.)
    2. Twist lock models - Rotate the collar clockwise until it is tight around the stem.

    Important: Don’t forget this step! The stem pin is not enough to secure the handlebar at its desired height. For safety and handlebar security, the fastener (clamp or twist lock) must also be tight around the stem.


    Step four: Ride!

    Make every ride the best one yet. Check out our tips on how to ride, where to ride, and how to rock your scooter’s lights.

  • The road ahead always looks bright when your e-bike has a headlight. With the exception of the J5, all Jetson electric bike models do. Read on to learn how to get your beam on.


    Independent lighting control

    The following Jetson e-bike models have simple, quick-push lighting control:

    • Axle – There is a dedicated button on the handlebar that activates both the headlight and taillight together. Quick-press the button to turn both lights on or off.
    • Bolt – A flip switch on the handlebar controls both the headlight and taillight. Push the switch up to turn the lights on, and push it down to turn them off.
    • LX10 - Quick-press the headlight button to turn the headlight on or off; this bike only has a light up front.

    Integrated lighting control

    Some of our e-bikes have more complex electronic interfaces. To keep their handlebars ergonomic and all controls easy to reach, some buttons are multipurpose. Here’s how to access lighting control on these models.

    • Bolt Pro and Bolt Up – Both cruise control and the headlight are controlled by the button on the right side of the handlebar. When quick-pressed, it activates cruise control; to turn on or off the headlight, hold it down, instead, for 4 full seconds.

      Both the Bolt Pro and the Bolt Up also come with an attachable rear light, which you can fasten to the bike by wrapping it around the seat post. This rear light, which does not connect to the bike’s power system, has its own battery and power button. Quick-press that button to turn the light on; it will illuminate in a fast-flashing pattern. A second press of the button changes it to a slower flashing mode; a third press changes it to steady illumination; and a fourth press turns the light off.

    • Adventure, Metro, Journey, and J8 – The “+” button next to the LCD display changes the bike to a higher pedal assist mode—but it is your headlight headquarters: Hold it down for 3 to 5 seconds to turn the headlight (and, for the Journey, also the taillight) on or off.

      Like the Bolt Pro and Bolt Up, the Adventure also has an attachable rear light that is not connected to the bike’s main power system and has its own built-in battery. There is a small power button on this light which, when quick-pressed, turns the rear light on or off.

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  • While you’re moving and grooving on your hoverboard, the internal balance mechanism of your board is working hard to keep you upright: It makes adjustments every time you turn, take on new speeds, or tackle uneven terrain.

    But, sometimes, that balance mechanism gets off-kilter and needs to be reset, or “recalibrated.” It sounds complicated—but it’s not: This is something you can easily do, and it takes less than a minute. Here’s the lowdown on the “when” and “how”:

    When to recalibrate

    Your hoverboard will start acting up if it needs its mechanisms realigned. Here are some of the signs that it’s time to recalibrate:

    • It’s beeping—a lot.
    • It is spinning on its own in a way that feels “out of control.”
    • Its indicator lights are red or flashing red.

    How to recalibrate

    To get your hoverboard back in balance, follow the steps below. Here’s something important: Make sure that you’re not leaning on the board or putting any weight on it during any part of the process. (Special call-out to Motokicks riders: You’ll follow the same process, but need to do it twice: Once for each of your kicks.)

    1. Turn off your hoverboard and move it to a flat and level surface.
    2. If either side of the hoverboard is tilted forward or backward, gently twist it so that both footbeds (where your feet go) are completely horizontal and parallel to the floor.
    3. Hold the power button down for three to five seconds. (If you’ve got the Jetson Sphere Hoverboard, you’ll need to hold the button down for 15 seconds.)
    4. Release the power button when your hoverboard shows a sign that recalibration is done. What that sign is depends on the model you have. (Can’t remember the model name of your hoverboard? Turn it over: there’s a label on the underside of the board that lists it.)

      These Jetson hoverboard models will emit a series of beeps or play a musical tune, then you’ll hear a voice announcement stating “calibration successful.”

      • Hali X
      • Rogue
      • Sphere
      • Strike
      • Some generations of the Flash, Impact, Magma, Plasma, Rave, and Spin (formerly called the “Aero”)
      • Older Jetson hoverboard models that have a built-in Bluetooth speaker

      These Jetson hoverboard models will emit a series of beeps or play a short little musical tune—WITHOUT a voice announcement at the end.

      • J-Beat
      • Litho X
      • Motokicks
      • Sync
      • Tracer
      • X10
      • Zone
      • Some generations of the Magma, Plasma, and Spin (formerly called the “Aero”)
      • Older Jetson hoverboard models that do not have a built-in Bluetooth speaker

    5. Power off your hoverboard and turn it back on.
    6. If after completing this process, your hoverboard is still beeping, spinning, or shows red indicator lights, go through the recalibration steps again. It can take up to three recalibration attempts to get everything back in proper alignment.

    If you’ve gone through all these steps and your hoverboard still can’t find its balance, reach out to us! We can help troubleshoot and, if something is truly amiss, look into whether or not your board is qualifies for an in-warranty replacement.

  • If letters or numbers have popped up on the LED screen of your Jetson electric scooter, your scooter is trying to alert you to a glitch in its internal systems. Don’t get lost in translation trying to figure this error code out—or ever take your scooter apart to look for the problem: We’ve already got the scoop—and the solution.

    As soon as you see one of these codes pop up, reach out to the Jetson Care Team to tell us which one it is. We can use that code to figure out where the problem lies, assess the possibility of a fix, and look into no-cost parts or product replacement if your product meets the conditions of our warranty.

    We know our riders like to be not only on the go—but also in the know. For that reason, we’ve compiled this list of error codes with the internal systems to which they correspond for our best-selling scooters. (Don’t forget: In any and all cases, contact customer care before doing anything else!)


    Issues related to the accelerator and/or its thumb throttle

    • Bio: E02
    • Canyon, Globe and Racer: E2
    • Element Pro: 02
    • Eris: E1
    • Knight: B, E2, EB
    • Ora Pro: 08
    • Quest: E1, E2

    Issues related to the handbrake, brake throttle, or brake itself

    • Bio: E02
    • Canyon, Knight, and Racer: E3
    • Element Pro: 40
    • Eris: E6
    • Globe: E4
    • Ora Pro: 02

    LED display glitches

    • Bio: E20
    • Canyon, Eris, and Racer: E0
    • Element Pro: 20
    • Globe: E7
    • Knight: A, E1, E7
    • Ora Pro: 10,11

    Problems with the central electronics system (PCB Board, controller, current, etc.)

    • Bio: E10
    • Canyon and Racer: E1, E4
    • Element Pro: 10
    • Eris: E4, E7
    • Globe: E3, E6
    • Knight: E5, F
    • Ora Pro: 09

    Malfunctions with the motor

    • Bio: E01, E08, E80
    • Canyon: E5, E6
    • Element Pro: 01, 08, 42
    • Eris: E3, E5
    • Globe: E1
    • Knight: C, EC, E4
    • Ora Pro: 07
    • Racer: E1, E5, E6
    • Quest: E08

    Battery issues (low voltage, overvoltage, overheating, connections, etc.)

    • Bio: E04, E40
    • Canyon: E7, E8
    • Element Pro: 04
    • Eris: E2
    • Globe: E5
    • Knight: E, E6
    • Ora Pro: 06
    • Racer: E7
    • Quest: E04

    Our support team has the ultimate error code list, so if you don’t see your model or your error code listed—just reach out. We live to be error code free.

  • If your hoverboard is making a beeping sound, it’s likely not broken: Those beeps are the hoverboard’s voice, and it’s just trying to tell you something.

    There are three reasons a hoverboard will start beeping. With just a little troubleshooting, you can figure out which one it is and then make a few adjustments to make it stop.


    Beeping as a speed warning

    As a safety indicator and a warning to slow down, Jetson hoverboards will beep when they have reached their maximum riding speed. If it’s one of our models with adjustable speeds, and you’d like to pick up the pace, change the setting from “beginner mode” (the slowest) to “intermediate mode” or “advanced mode” (the fastest).


    Beeping because the battery is low

    Your hoverboard will beep, too, tell you when the battery is low on juice. You’ll know if this is the case by also checking out the battery indicator light(s) on top of the board.  

    • Some of our models have a single battery indicator light. When the charge is at less than 20%, it will flash red.
    • Other models have three battery indicator lights. You’ll know if the charge is less than 20% if just one of them is illuminated or flashing.       
    • Jetson hoverboards with a built-in Bluetooth speaker may also announce “low battery.”

    If you have determined that a low battery is the cause of the beeping, it’s time to plug your hoverboard in for a good charging session.  


    Beeping because the balance is off

    Beeping can be your hoverboard’s way of telling you that it needs to be recalibrated—basically, that its balance mechanism is off-kilter and needs to be reset. Here are the steps to take to bring your hoverboard back into balance.

    1. Turn the hoverboard off and place it on a flat and level surface.
    2. Make sure you’re not leaning on the hoverboard or putting any weight on it.
    3. Hold the power button down for three to five seconds. (If you’ve got the Jetson Sphere Hoverboard, you’ll have to hold it for 15 seconds.)
    4. Release the power button when your hoverboard shows a sign that it’s done. Depending on the model, you’ll either see the flashing of the product’s indicator lights, hear a beeping sound, or hear the words “recalibration complete.”
    5. Power off your hoverboard and turn it back on.
    6. If all internal components have not been reset and you still hear repeated beeping, go through this process again. It can take up to three recalibration attempts to get everything back in proper alignment.
  • The Alpha L Jetkart Combo is something spectacular, isn’t it? A ride on this thing brightens any day. (Special shout-out to its ultra-cool lava LED lighting effect.)

    Before you get out there and light. it. up. at speeds up to 9 mph, you’ll need to get that seat secured. Word on the street is that it can be tricky—so we’ve got troubleshooting tips to help. Grab all the bits and pieces included in the box, and let’s get your Alpha saddled up.

    What you’ll need

    This part of the assembly process will require:

    • Four bolts (These look like screws.)
    • Four washers (These are the small, flat “O”-shaped rings.)
    • The Jetkart seat
    • The Jetkart frame
    • The wrench included in the box

    Helpful hint: You do not need any stand-alone nuts to get the seat attached. Nuts are already pre-installed into holes in the bottom of the seat, and they’re ready to receive the bolts that you’ll screw into them.

    Attaching the seat

    Ready to roll? Here’s how to get the seat secured.

    1. Slip a washer onto each bolt.
    2. Position the seat in place on the top of the frame. It should be at the back of the frame and facing forward.
    3. Working from the bottom up, screw one bolt/washer combo through each hole on the frame and into the pre-installed nuts in the bottom of the seat.
    4. Use the included wrench to tighten each bolt. (Be sure not to over-tighten! This could cause the seat to crack.)

    Here’s a video to give you some visual assistance.

    Success? Congrats! You’re ready to move forward with the rest of the assembly process that’s detailed in the Alpha’s user manual.

    Remember: If you need assistance with assembly—or anything Alpha-related—the quickest and easiest way to reach the Jetson Care Team is by starting a chat online.

  • Trouble powering up? That’s frustrating. There are three things you can do to try to determine where the problem might lie. 

    Check the charger

    Not all Jetson chargers are compatible with all Jetson products. Make sure you’re using the charger that came with the specific model and product that you’re trying to charge.

    Test the outlet

    Try plugging something else into the same outlet you’re using to try to charge your Jetson: A lamp, your laptop, even a blender. If those products are not getting power, either, something could be wrong with the outlet. (Unfortunately, we can’t help with that.)


    All Jetson chargers have an indicator light to signify charging status. (Need help finding the indicator light? Check your model’s user manual.)  That light can help tell us if the charger, itself, is in good shape.

    • First, plug only the charger into the outlet (without the product attached to the other end). The indicator light should illuminate in a blue or green color. 
    • With the charger still plugged into the electrical outlet, next plug the other end of the charger into your product. The light on your charger should turn red.

    If the indicator light is not functioning as it should, a new charger could help with the powering-up problem. But if the charger seems to be working properly, there could be something malfunctioning with the product, itself, or its battery.  

    In either case, we can help fully assess the problem, talk about replacement parts, discuss warranty coverage, and more. Starting a chat with J., our superstar virtual assistant, is the best and quickest way to reach us. 

Online Order Support

  • Once you’ve found a “must have” item on, you’ll be eager to finalize your purchase. Let us help pave the way towards a smooth checkout process by sharing this helpful info.

    Payment options

    After you click through to check-out and enter your email address and shipping info, you’ll be directed to our payment page. We accept the following forms of payment:

    • Credit card – We can process orders made with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Elo, or JCB credit card.
    • Shop Pay and Klarna Shop Pay and Klarna allow you spread out your total payment over multiple equal installments. After choosing either the Shop Pay or Klarna option, click “Complete Order”—and you’ll be asked for a few more pieces of info before entering your credit card number for quick approval and locking your payment plan into place.
    • PayPal – You can complete your purchase through your PayPal account. After selecting PayPal on the payment page at checkout and clicking “Complete Order,” you will be redirected to Paypal to finalize your purchase.
    • Jetson gift cards – (How’d you get so lucky?) To pay with a Jetson gift card, you’ll need to locate the card’s unique identification number in the email you received delivering the gift. Key-in that number in the space allotted for it at check-out and click “Apply”; if you have multiple gift cards, just keep repeating the process until they’re all loaded in.

      If the total amount of your purchase exceeds the amount of your gift card(s), you can use another payment method to cover the balance. More information about using gift cards can be found here.

    Using discount codes

    If you’ve been given a discount code or found one on our website while shopping, you can key it in during checkout in the space allotted for it. As soon as you hit “Apply,” you’ll see the total purchase amount go down accordingly. You can then finish check-out using any of the payment methods above—including gift cards.

    A few things to note about promo codes: Only one can be used per order and certain codes come with specific terms and conditions. More information about using discount codes can be found in this article on our support page.

    Shipping fees and taxes

    We offer free ground shipping on all complete products; shipping timelines depend on how far your shipment will need to travel from our warehouse. Parts and accessories over $100 also ship free; if your parts and accessories order falls under that threshold, we’ll calculate the shipping cost based on item weight and where you’re shipping it to.

    Taxes will be calculated based on the cost of products being purchased and according to government regulations.

  • The best part of ordering any new Jetson is receiving it. Here’s what you need to know about where we ship our products—and how.

    How we ship

    • Jetson products are shipped via ground shipping with FedEx or UPS—with the exception of some parts and accessories that we send through USPS.
    • Shipping timelines vary depending on the distance being traveled from our West Coast warehouses.
    • Due to the size and nature of our products, many of which contain lithium-ion batteries, expedited shipping is not available.

    Where we ship

    • Orders can be placed for delivery within all 50 U.S. states.
    • Shipping is not available to PO Boxes.
    • With the exception of some parts and accessories that are shipped via USPS, most of our products cannot be shipped to APO addresses.
    • We do not currently offer international shipping for orders placed on, though retailers in other countries—including the U.K. and Canada—do carry a selection of our products. If you’re looking for a Jetson outside of the U.S., our authorized retailers may be able to send a Jetson your way.

    Shipping costs

    • Shipping on all Jetsons is free throughout the contiguous U.S.
    • Orders for spare parts totaling more than $100 also qualify for free shipping. Shipping charges for spare parts orders under $100 will be calculated at check-out based on weight and travel distance.
    • Shipping charges for products headed to Hawaii and Alaska will be calculated at check-out.

    Shipping add-ons

    • Will your Jetson be a gift? (So nice of you!) Unfortunately, we do not currently offer gift wrapping services.
    • For ease and extra peace of mind, we add Route shipping protection to your cart along with your product. If you’d like to opt out, simply remove this add-on from your cart before proceeding with the check-out process. 
  • We feel you: Once you’ve ordered a new Jetson, it’s hard to think about anything other than its arrival. We work hard to make sure you’re not waiting too long. Here’s what you can expect in terms of timing and tracking:

    Shipping timelines

    Purchases made on are processed and packed up at our warehouses on the U.S. West Coast within one to two business days after the order has been placed. It can take another day or so for our shipping carriers—FedEx, UPS, and, for some spare parts, USPS—to pick up packages and load them into their trucks.

    All Jetsons travel via ground shipping. After a shipment leaves our warehouse, average transport times are as follows:

    • To the West Coast: one to two business days
    • To the Midwest: three to four business days
    • To the East Coast: five to six business days

    Quick note: Due to the nature of our products, expedited or overnight shipping is not available.

    Order tracking

    Within minutes after placing your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email. Hang tight: As soon as your shipment has been assigned a tracking number by one of our carriers, you’ll receive another email with a link to track your product in transit.

    If you logged in to your account before placing your order or using the prompt at checkout, you can log back in at any time to access that tracking information, too. (Don’t yet have an account? You can create one here.)

    Transport troubleshooting

    A Jetson’s journey from us to you is almost always swift and steady—but sometimes shipments hit a snag. Should you encounter one of these situations, here’s what to do:

    • You placed an order but have not yet received tracking information

      High-volume shopping times of year, such as the weeks leading up to holidays, are also high-volume shipping times of year—so sometimes pack-up and carrier pick-up take a little longer than usual.

      Nevertheless, if five days have passed since you placed your order and you have still not received tracking information, reach out to us. We’ll look into what might be causing the hold-up and work to move your product past it.

    • Your shipment seems stuck in “label created” status

      It’s possible that your shipment is already on the move! Occasionally, carriers load packages onto their trucks and only conduct their first scan of them when they get them to their hub processing centers. Your shipment’s tracking status will be updated as soon as that happens.

      If your shipment has been in “label created” status for 7 days, contact us so that we can look into its whereabouts.

    • Your package arrived damaged or was marked as “delivered” but you did not receive it

      It’s unfortunate—but, sometimes, in-transit incidents do happen. Don’t fret: there are people and processes ready to remedy things.

      If you added Route Package Protection to your order during check-out, you’ll want to file a claim directly with Route. A resolution—by way of a refund or replacement—should come quickly. For orders not covered by Route Package Protection, reach out to the shipping carrier and/or to us for support and a solution.

    Changing or canceling an order

    Orders are often prepared for shipment just a few hours after being placed. If you’d like to make changes to your order or cancel it altogether, reach out to us as soon as possible: We’ll do our best to intercept it and make the requested changes.


    More details about our shipping polices can be found here. We’re so glad to have you as a customer.

  • Getting from Point A to Point B is a pleasure when you’re riding a Jetson—but occasionally your Jetson’s journey from the warehouse to your house isn’t always as perfect a ride. Incidents can ensue after orders leave our loading docks, such as damage, loss, or theft—so it’s a good idea to safeguard yourself against monetary loss as soon as you make a purchase.

    Here are the deets on how to protect your Jetson deliverables:

    What it is

    Route Shipping Protection is insurance for in-transit mishaps—and more.

    How to get it

    We’ve made it easy: Route Package Protection is automatically added to all orders made on (The cost is calculated based on the value of the product you’re purchasing.) If you don’t want it, just opt out by removing it from your cart.

    Why you want it

    In a word: “security.” We take major precautions when packing up our products for shipment to prevent damage during transit and use carriers that know how to move and handle goods. But if an item arrives on your doorstep damaged—or does not make it there at all—having shipping protection ensures that you won’t have paid for something you’ll never get to use.

    Should packages be missing or mishandled, having Route Package Protection saves you lots of time. You can skip past the complications of contacting carriers or having to present a case: Route will handle it all and make sure that you are properly recompensated with either a refund or a replacement shipment. What’s more, they’ll do it in record speed—and with little effort needed from you.

    How it works

    We’ve got two words here: “quickly”—and “easily.” Once you order a product that you’ve protected with Route, you’ll receive an email with your Route Order ID. If something happens in-transit with that product, just click through that email to the Route Resolve Center—or get there on Route’s app for mobile devices—where you can use that order ID number and your email address to file a claim.

    It takes just a few clicks to give Route all the info they need. In less than a minute, you’ll have filed a claim and received a response from Route about its status. You can go back and check the status of your claim at any time—but you likely won’t need to: claims are fully processed within 24 hours after filing. Keep that number in mind: Route also offers support and service 24 hours a day—so you can file claims and call on them any time of day or night.

    After you receive approval on a claim, you can decide what kind of resolution you want: either a straight refund for the cost of the product, itself, or a brand-new one sent your way. (We like the latter: It’s always good to have a Jetson around!)

    What else you’ll get

    In addition to insurance against in-transit damage or loss, you’ll also get a stronger magnifying glass on your shipment’s progress so that you can keep an eye out for its delivery. Route’s tracking interface online and in its app allows you to customize the type and frequency with which you’ll receive shipping and delivery updates, and watch your package’s movement on a map in real time.

    What to do if something happens

    If you’ve added Route Package Protection to your purchase and there is a shipping incident, reach out to Route directly. Be sure to read all the terms of Route’s policy and keep an eye on the calendar so that you’re reporting incidents in their required timeframe: Items that are missing but marked as “delivered” by the carrier, for example, can only be reported between five and 15 days after that reported delivery date.

    Questions? Check out Jetson’s shipping processes and policies and explore Route’s FAQs for the answers.

  • We think few better things exist than a reason to grab a new ride! If you’ve got a discount code or have been the recipient of one of our gift cards, your biggest challenge will be choosing which Jetson to use it towards.

    Gift cards and discount codes are super easy to use: Once you’ve added the product you’d like to your online cart, just key-in the discount code and/or your gift card’s unique identification number in the space allotted for it at check-out. Then, click “Apply”—and you’ll see the total amount due go down accordingly.

    If you’re lucky enough to have both a gift card AND a discount code—rock on! You can use both in the same purchase: Just enter one after another. (Be sure to click “Apply” after entering each one.)

    There are a few other things to note about cards and codes. Here’s the intel:

    Gift cards

    • Jetson gift cards are delivered digitally by email. As soon as one arrives in your inbox, it’s ready to use.
    • You can use a gift card multiple times—until the full amount of the card is used up, or it expires. (Be sure to check the original email for that expiration date!)
    • Gift cards can be used to purchase anything on our website—except more gift cards.
    • If the total amount of your purchase exceeds the value of your gift card, you’ll be able to take care of the balance using another form of payment.

    If you’d like to purchase a gift card—and give someone else the excitement of a new ride—you can do that right on our website—any time day or night.

    Discount codes

    • Certain discount codes have specific terms and conditions, so make sure you read the fine print. Some, for example, can only be used once; expire on certain dates; are applicable only towards the purchase of certain products or product categories; or are linked to specific email addresses and can only be used for purchases made using that address.
    • Only one discount code can be used per order.
    • Discount codes cannot be applied to the purchase of gift cards.
    • For an order of multiple products, limits can be made at the discretion of Jetson to the number of products for which the discount will be applied.

    If you don’t have a discount code but would like one (who wouldn’t?)—head on over to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll be able to enter your email address—and we’ll deliver a code for 10% off your first purchase on to your inbox.

  • As much as we don’t like to hear it, we understand that sometimes customers need to cancel an order that they have made.

    Because our warehouses work to fulfill orders quickly, there is a small window of time where orders can be successfully canceled—sometimes just a few hours after the order has been placed. Even if you have not received a tracking number, your order may have already entered the shipping process.  

    To inquire about order cancellation, reach out directly to the Jetson Care Team. The quickest and best way to do that is by starting a chat. If you do that from 10am to 6pm EST, you can be connected with a live team member who can immediately look into canceling your order; outside of those hours, our virtual chatbot, J., can take your details and schedule a follow-up.

    If our team determines that it’s too late in the process to cancel an order, don’t fret! We can always provide you with instructions on how to return the product after you receive it.


  • We had customer “peace of mind” in mind when we developed our General Limited Warranty. We’ve got all the terms of it posted online, but here’s a quick run-down of the main points.

    The basics

    • All brand-new Jetson products (excluding parts and accessories) that have been purchased on or through one of our authorized retailers are covered by warranty for one full year after the purchase date.
    • All refurbished Jetson products purchased directly through us are covered by a 30-day Limited Warranty.
    • During the coverage window and if you have been using your Jetson product according to its user manual, your purchase is protected against any defects or malfunctions in materials or workmanship.

    Be good to your Jetson! Malfunctions resulting from the following are not covered by our warranty: water or impact damage, product misuse, extreme wear and tear, and modifications or unauthorized repairs made to the product.

    The process

    We hope you never need to file a warranty claim, but should you need to, it’s easy: Just start a chat with J., Jetson’s resident chatbot. J. will gather all the necessary info and put you in touch directly with a member of our Jetson Care Team.

    If our team determines that your product might qualify for in-warranty coverage, you may be asked to mail it back (using a prepaid shipping label and at no cost to you) so that our whiz technicians can thoroughly inspect it and diagnose the problem.

    The result

    Should all warranty conditions be met, we’ll send you a replacement product asap. It’s our goal to keep everyone on the move!

  • Has something gone awry with your Jetson? So frustrating. Don’t worry: We’re here to help.

    If you’ve been using your product according to our user manual and it is showing signs of a defect or malfunction, you may be eligible for a replacement. All brand-new Jetson products, not including parts and accessories, are covered by Jetson’s one-year general warranty; refurbished products are covered, too, for 30 days from the purchase date.

    If you’re within that window and want to file a warranty claim, you can do so 24/7 by starting a chat with J., our superstar virtual assistant. Here’s what J. will ask you for:

    • Your name, contact info, and shipping address
    • The model name of your Jetson product and/or its serial number
    • A description of the problem
    • Information about any water or impact damage that your product might have endured
    • Date of purchase

    During office hours, J. can immediately connect you with a live member of the Jetson Care Team, who will assess the situation, let you know if your claim is approved, and chat with you about the next steps. (If it’s after hours, J. will share your information and you’ll get a personal follow-up with all of those details.)

    You may be asked to ship your product back to us—using a prepaid shipping label and at no cost to you—so that our technicians can look into what went wrong. In the meantime, we’ll work quickly to get a replacement headed your way. (Our goal: to get you riding again asap!)


    Filing a claim using your extended warranty

    If you’d like to file a claim outside of the one-year window (or after 30 days, in the case of refurbished products)—and you’ve purchased an extended warranty—you’ll need to file it directly with Extend. Extend will take care of you from there—and help you get back on the move in no time.

  • Extending warranty protection is a smart move.

    All new Jetson products come with a one-year limited warranty —but once you get hooked on riding your Jetson, 12 months is really just the start of your adventure. The Extend Protection Plan will keep you covered well into your Jetson journey: when you purchase the policy, you can choose how many years you’d like to keep your product protected.

    If you’re shopping on, you can add an extended warranty to your cart right along with your product. (So easy!) If you’ve purchased your Jetson elsewhere—or just want some time to think it over before locking it in—you can purchase the plan separately at any time up until the day before your initial warranty coverage expires.

    What’s covered under the Extend Protection Plan? Just about the same thing that’s covered by us in your first year of Jetson product ownership: defects and malfunctions that might arise unexpectedly when the product is used properly and in accordance with your product’s user manual. Things like accidental damage, water damage, damage from extreme wear and tear, or damage caused by misuse are excluded—so take good care of your Jetson!

    A few things to note:

    • You’ll have to decide up front how many years of coverage you want to lock in. Once you purchase your extended warranty, it can’t be renewed or extended again.
    • The Extend Protection Plan can only be purchased for products bought on or from one of our authorized retailers.
    • Refurbished products purchased on come with a 30-day general warranty. You can still purchase extended protection for your product—but you’ll have to do it within that 30-day period.
    • Parts and accessories are not eligible for the Extend Protection Plan.

    After Jetson’s general warranty period ends (one year—or 30 days, if it’s a refurbished product), you’ll have to file claims directly through Extend. Questions? Extend will have all the answers.

  • Returning products purchased on

    If you ordered your product directly on, you’re in the right place! Here’s the scoop on returns for items purchased directly through us:

    • Jetson will gladly accept the return of any new and unused product purchased on within 30 days from the purchase date.
    • Customers are responsible for return shipping fees and ensuring that the product arrives undamaged.
    • Products that are returned in lightly used condition or without original packaging are subject to a restocking fee equal to 20% of the original product purchase price. The remaining 80% will be issued as credit towards another purchase on 

    All good? If you’re ready to start a return, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

    1. Reach out to the Jetson Care Team to get a return started. You’ll be given an RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) number and the address for where to ship your product. Here’s a tip: The quickest and best way to reach Jetson Care is by starting a chat.
    2. Pack the product in its original packaging or a sturdy box to ensure that it makes its way back to us without incurring any damage.
    3. Write the RMA number clearly on the outside of the box.
    4. Ship the item back to us using your preferred carrier. Once we receive and inspect the product–and if everything looks good–we will process the refund (or store credit in the case of lightly used products) within five business days.


    Returning Jetson products purchased elsewhere

    Unfortunately, we can’t process a return for a Jetson product bought through another retailer: In that case, you’ll need to reach out directly to that retailer to learn about their return policies and process.


    Exchanging a product

    Want something else instead? No problem!

    Jetson does not currently exchange products in a single transaction. However, you can return your original product using the info and instructions above and then place a brand-new order for the Jetson product you’d prefer to have.

  • This can’t be said enough: We’re so grateful for everyone who chooses to ride with Jetson.

    As a thank you to our customers, we’d like to give a little something back—so we’re putting four $500 gift cards up grabs; one every month, from March through June 2022. Want a chance to win one? Here’s how to enter each month’s drawing.

    • Head on over to this page on Click through our product categories and find the Jetson you’ve got.
    • Let us know how you’re liking it by posting a review! (Make sure to enter your review using the email address you’d like to be contacted at. Your private information will not be published; we’ll be the only ones who see it.)
    • Keep an eye on your email inbox: A $500 gift card could come your way!


    Things to note:

    • Winners will be selected and notified shortly after the end of each month.
    • Once a winner is drawn, we’ll empty the pot and start fresh; entries will not carry over into the next month’s drawing.
    • No matter where you purchased your Jetson, you can still review it on our site and submit for entry into the giveaway.
    • For every Jetson product that you review, you’ll get one chance to win. (You can’t review the same product more than once, though.)
    • Gift cards can be used towards any purchase on—except for the purchase of more gift cards. More details on using gift cards can be found here.


    Gift card raffle terms and conditions

    Check out the full terms and conditions of our gift card raffle for more details.