• Your Jetson Strike will beep once you’ve reached maximum speed. This indication warns you to slow down for safety. You can increase or increase your max speed settings via the ridejetson app on your mobile device. The device will also beep if the battery is low or sensor unstable. Ensure your battery is adequately charged and calibrated as needed.

  • 1. Place the Strike on its side.
    2. Power the Strike on—the indicator light will illuminate red for advanced (fast) mode.
    3. Quickly press and release the power button to cycle through the speed modes. Stop once the indicator light changes to the respective color of your desired speed.

    *** Keep in mind that the device indicator light turns red when placed on (1) wheel, and will turn green when placed back on (2) wheels, this is normal.

  • To order replacement parts for your Strike Hoverboard scooter, visit us at https://ridejetson.com/collections/parts or email customer support with an image of the part needed so that we may confirm availability and pricing.

  • The Strike hoverboard model does not come with bluetooth connectivity at this time. For assistance in locating which of our overboard are bluetooth enabled, feel free to contact support at 1-888-976-9904, 7 days a week.