• As a safety feature, the front stem light of the Bio scooter will remain powered on when the scooter is in use.

  • To power on and off the headlight, double click the power button of your Jetson Bio scooter.

  • The Jetson Bio charging port is located on the left side of the scooter deck near the back wheel.

  • The serial number of your Jetson Bio scooter is located on the back wheel in white lettering. The Bio serial number is written in white and is 20 characters long.

  • Charging time on your Jetson Bio varies depending on the current battery level of your scooter. When your Bio scooter is completely drained of energy, a full charge can take up to 3hrs. 

  • Power off your Bio scooter and plug the wall connection first to ensure you are seeing a blue light. Next, plug the tip of charger into the charging port on your device and the light on the charger will turn red. Remove charger once the light turns blue again or after 3 hrs (whichever comes first).

  • First, ensure you are wearing appropriate safety gear before riding your electric scooter. To ride, place one foot on the deck of the Bio scooter and the other on the ground so that you can kick off easier. When pressing the throttle (on the right side), remember that the Bio scooter must be moving at 2-3 mph in order for motor to engage.

  • Our Jetson Ion has been redesigned and renamed the Jetson Bio. The newly designed Bio does not include kickstand, and instead has dual-purpose auxiliary wheels that allow you to roll your scooter when folded, or stand up the scooter when parked and in half fold position.

  • E01: Motor hall malfunction 1,Hall cable not in order 2,connector of Hall connection not good

    E02: Handle bar malfunction 1,Brake/throttle not calibrated 2,Brake/throttle cable connection not good 3,Brake/throttle cable maybe cut off

    E04: Battery low voltage, needs to be recharged

    E08: Motor lack phase, Motor cable loose or Motor cable set damaged

    E10: PCB overheating protection PCB overheating

    E20: PCB Communication problem 1, PCB cable and Display panel cable connection malfunction;2; Communication cable sequence malfunction or being disconnected; 3, PCB communication port malfunction;4, Display panel communication port malfunction

    E80: Motor overheating warning

    E40: Battery over-voltage protection Battery over-voltage