• Once you have successfully connected your device to our ridejetson app, you will see a button that says "Walk Mode". When that button is illuminated red (red text on white), the Cruise Control feature is on. When that button is not illuminated (black text on white), the Cruise Control is turned off. It also may take pressing the cruise button a couple of times while riding for it to engage properly. 



    Walk Mode Enabled- 


    Walk Mode Disabled


  • 1st generation Jetson Bolt's have a black rear hub motor and a red trim on the tires. The 1st generation Bolt is not Bluetooth enabled.

    2nd generation Bolt's have a black rear hub motor and a green trim on the tires. The 2nd generation Bolt is Bluetooth enabled.

    3rd generation Bolt's have a orange colored rear hub motor and orange accents on the seat and bike stem. The 3rd generation Bolt is Bluetooth enabled.

    4th generation Bolt's have a red rear hub motor. The 3rd generation Bolt has a bell instead of a horn. The unit is Bluetooth enabled.

  • The charging port for the Jetson Bolt bike is located on the bikes left side, near the foot pegs. Simply open the silicon protection cover to access the port.

  • Before each ride, check that the Bolt handlebar and seat are secure, the tire pressure is sufficient and the brake system is working correctly. For safe riding, keep your feet on the foot rests, do not ride with your feet dangling over the sides and always stay seated while riding.

    Try to take it easy on the throttle until you get used to it. Squeeze the brake slowly to avoid stopping abruptly or losing control.


  • The headlight on  your Jetson Bolt, generations 1-3, can be turned on by simply pressing and holding the Horn button until you hear 3 horn chimes. You can also access the headlight settings via our Ride Jetson mobile app. 

    If you have the 4th generation Bolt, your unit comes equipped with an external headlight switch located near the right sided handlebar. 

  • To lock your Jetson Bolt, you must first be connected to Bluetooth. For help connecting to Bluetooth, please see the article titled "How do I connect to Bluetooth on my Jetson Bolt?".

    Once your are connected to Bluetooth, you will see a lock button on the Ride Jetson app homepage. Upon clicking the lock button, you will be prompted to enter a lock password. The default password for each Bolt is 123 456.

    You can change this default password by clicking on the settings symbol in the top right side of your Jetson app. Once the password has been changed, it can not be reset by the user. Please ensure you store your password in a safe place.

  • The more current versions of the Jetson Bolt have Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled via the Ride Jetson app. The 1st generation of our Bolt does not have Bluetooth. For help determining if your Bolt has Bluetooth, see the article titled "Which Jetson Bolt do I have?".

  • First power on your Bolt and open the Ride Jetson app on your handheld device. Once in the app, click the Bluetooth symbol in the top left corner of the app and select your Bolt.

    The default Bluetooth password is 000 000. Once you are connected to the app, you can adjust your max speed, cruise features and lock your device.