• Upon opening your new Jetson Electric bike, it is best to check your brakes to ensure they are in working order. Much like a manual bike, electric bikes require brake adjustments and maintenance over time. 

    If the brakes on your bike are making squeaking or rubbing sounds, they are in need of adjusting. For the experienced or tech savvy rider, most adjustments can be made from home with the help of online instructional videos. 

    New or less experienced riders can take their Jetson to most local bike maintenance shops to make the needed brake adjustments. 

  • Most lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to overcharging or overheating if charged overnight or for a time period over 4 hours.

  • Jetson products are water-resistant, and not waterproof. Exposure to large amounts of water could result in damages not covered by warranty.

  • In order to comply with safety regulations, Jetson products have set speeds that cannot be adjusted.

  • We recommend bike sizes based on age, height and weight. See each bike's details for more.