• To view your speed in both MPH and KMH, please enter the Ride Jetson Mobile App and click the settings symbol. The Ride Jetson App allows you to track your speed in MPH or KMH. However the LCD on some models will not reflect any changes made in the speed settings. 

  • We recommend scooters based on age, height and weight. See each scooter's details for more information.

  • Our Jetson scooters generally come fully assembled. On some occasions the handlebars may be separate. We also recommend charging the battery fully and ensuring tire is pumped before first ride.

  • Jetson products are water-resistant, and not waterproof. As with most electric vehicles, exposure to large amounts of water could result in damages not covered by warranty.

  • Most Jetson products are Bluetooth enabled for operation of the mobile application. Many hoverboard models also offer music via Bluetooth. Jetson scooters cannot play music.

  • Recommended charging times vary by model. When in doubt, you can use the light sequence (red means charging and blue full) or refer to the product manual you received with your device. You can also access manuals online by clicking HERE.

  • Most lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to overcharging, or overheating if charged overnight or longer than the recommended time. For specific details about charging your device, refer to the product manual or click HERE.

  • In order to comply with safety regulations, Jetson products have set speeds that cannot be adjusted.

  • Most repair and replacement parts for your Jetson scooter can be found here on the Jetson website https://ridejetson.com/collections/parts/e-scooter.

    If you do not see a part on our page, you can reach customer support, available 7 days a week, for further assistance.