• Your hoverboard will beep once you’ve reached maximum speed. This indication warns you to slow down for safety. Your device will also beep if the battery is low or sensors need to be recalibrated.

  • To register your Jetson hoverboard click HERE

  • The minimum rider age we recommend is 13 years old. Children between the ages of 13 and 16 should be supervised by an adult. Riders age 16+ should have no problem using our self balancing scooters without adult supervision.


    The size and style you choose depends on your requirements. The smaller Jetson hoverboards like our V12 and Z5 may be most suitable for younger and less experienced riders, while those heavier, more experienced and those who like ride outdoors may prefer to choose the V8 or V6XL

    For assistance choosing the right hoverboard for you, we're here to help! Contact us HERE.

  • Riding is pretty intuitive, so once you relax and become accustomed to the feeling. Once you're safety gear is on and you have a clear area

    1. Place your hoverboard on an even surface directly in front of you.

    2. Step onto the hoverboard with one foot (whichever is most comfortable for you).

      (Getting on can be tricky as the hoverboard may move after placing foot)

    3. Step up onto the board with the other foot.


      Keep your feet as far apart as possible while standing up straight.

      (Remember to keep your eyes forward for best control.
    5. Pivot your toes and heels up and down while leaning or using gentle shifts of weight to change direction.
  • Jetson manufacturers all UL 2272 certified hoverboards that have been fully tested and meet the recommended safety standards. When riding it is important that you wear proper head and body gear to keep all your body parts protected. 


  • Wobbling may occur at high speeds if the rider weight is too light or the T-bar is extended too far out and not enough foot pressure is applied to the front. To decrease wobbling, and add more control, try shortening the T-bar so that the rider's knees are bent to allow more foot pressure. 

  • To order spare parts click HERE. If you need assistance ordering Jetson spare parts within warranty, contact us at help@ridejetson.com

  • All Jetson products go through vigorous testing and are built with the best components to ensure safety. All batteries are made and tested with current top tests and safety standards with UL 2272. UL Listed means that UL has tested represented samples of the product and determined that it meets their requirements. These requirements are based primarily on UL’s published and nationally recognized Standard for Safety. References to UL and the UL listing may include the UL Listing Mark, which is a hologram sticker placed on the bottom of your hoverboard.