Warranty Common Questions

  • We had customer “peace of mind” in mind when we developed our General Limited Warranty. We’ve got all the terms of it posted online, but here’s a quick run-down of the main points.

    The basics:

    • All brand-new Jetson products (excluding parts and accessories) that have been purchased on RideJetson.com or through one of our authorized retailers are covered by warranty for one full year after the purchase date.
    • All refurbished Jetson products purchased directly through us are covered by a 30-day Limited Warranty.
    • During the coverage window and if you have been using your Jetson product according to its user manual, your purchase is protected against any defects or malfunctions in materials or workmanship.

    Be good to your Jetson! Malfunctions resulting from the following are not covered by our warranty: water or impact damage, product misuse, extreme wear and tear, and modifications or unauthorized repairs made to the product.

    The process:
    We hope you never need to file a warranty claim, but should you need to, it’s easy: Just start a chat with J., Jetson’s resident chatbot. J. will gather all the necessary info and put you in touch directly with a member of our Jetson Care Team.

    If our team determines that your product might qualify for in-warranty coverage, you may be asked to mail it back (using a prepaid shipping label and at no cost to you) so that our whiz technicians can thoroughly inspect it and diagnose the problem.

    The result:
    Should all warranty conditions be met, we’ll send you a replacement product asap. It’s our goal to keep everyone on the move!

  • Has something gone awry with your Jetson? So frustrating. Don’t worry: We’re here to help.

    If you’ve been using your product according to our user manual and it is showing signs of a defect or malfunction, you may be eligible for a replacement. All brand-new Jetson products, not including parts and accessories, are covered by Jetson’s one-year general warranty; refurbished products are covered, too, for 30 days from the purchase date.

    If you’re within that window and want to file a warranty claim, you can do so 24/7 by starting a chat with J., our superstar virtual assistant. Here’s what J. will ask you for:

    • Your name, contact info, and shipping address
    • The model name of your Jetson product and/or its serial number
    • A description of the problem
    • Information about any water or impact damage that your product might have endured
    • Date of purchase

    During office hours, J. can immediately connect you with a live member of the Jetson Care Team, who will assess the situation, let you know if your claim is approved, and chat with you about the next steps. (If it’s after hours, J. will share your information and you’ll get a personal follow-up with all of those details.)

    You may be asked to ship your product back to us—using a prepaid shipping label and at no cost to you—so that our technicians can look into what went wrong. In the meantime, we’ll work quickly to get a replacement headed your way. (Our goal: to get you riding again asap!)

    If you’d like to file a claim outside of the one-year window (or after 30 days, in the case of refurbished products)—and you’ve purchased an extended warranty—you’ll need to file it directly with Extend. Extend will take care of you from there—and help you get back on the move in no time.

  • Extending warranty protection is a smart move.

    All new Jetson products come with a one-year limited warranty —but once you get hooked on riding your Jetson, 12 months is really just the start of your adventure. The Extend Protection Plan will keep you covered well into your Jetson journey: when you purchase the policy, you can choose how many years you’d like to keep your product protected.

    If you’re shopping on RideJetson.com, you can add an extended warranty to your cart right along with your product. (So easy!) If you’ve purchased your Jetson elsewhere—or just want some time to think it over before locking it in—you can purchase the plan separately at any time up until the day before your initial warranty coverage expires.

    What’s covered under the Extend Protection Plan? Just about the same thing that’s covered by us in your first year of Jetson product ownership: defects and malfunctions that might arise unexpectedly when the product is used properly and in accordance with your product’s user manual. Things like accidental damage, water damage, damage from extreme wear and tear, or damage caused by misuse are excluded—so take good care of your Jetson!

    A few things to note:

    • You’ll have to decide up front how many years of coverage you want to lock in. Once you purchase your extended warranty, it can’t be renewed or extended again.
    • The Extend Protection Plan can only be purchased for products bought on RideJetson.com or from one of our authorized retailers.
    • Refurbished products purchased on RideJetson.com come with a 30-day general warranty. You can still purchase extended protection for your product—but you’ll have to do it within that 30-day period.
    • Parts and accessories are not eligible for the Extend Protection Plan.

    After Jetson’s general warranty period ends (one year—or 30 days, if it’s a refurbished product), you’ll have to file claims directly through Extend. Questions? Extend will have all the answers.